Fashion & Lifestyle: My thoughts on Whole 30 - Week 1


My thoughts on Whole 30 - Week 1

So if you follow me on Instagram you might have saw that I started Whole 30 over a week ago.When people ask what I can't eat I have told them it is easier to tell you what I can eat. Lean meats (protein), and veggies are the best and a LITTLE bit of fruit. That is the best way to explain it without going into to much detail. I thought after my first week it would be fun to do a little update of things I like and dislike about Whole 30. I was talking to my husband last night about some of the things I don't like and he said it sounded like I was making excuses for why I don't want to do it anymore. That might be it sometimes but this is what I think so far!
I feel GREAT! I just feel healthier all together, kind of like I did after I did the Suja cleanse except I can eat. It is like I am starting over and feel healthier all together. I think if someone is struggling with cutting back or cutting out on sweets, soda, carbs or bad fats this is the perfect diet   challenge for you. For me a lot of it is mentally breaking myself from craving and always thinking I need those foods (if you can call sweets food) when really I can do fine without them.
 If you have a family to cook for this challenge is hard. As a full time mom, employee and wife, I suddenly have become a full time chef as well. I feel like if I am not tending to Krew, or working I am cooking and making meals that I can eat. Meal prep is a must for me because I would not have time and then would end up letting that be my excuse to why I had a grilled cheese sandwich or something that isn't Whole 30 compliant which luckily hasn't happened.
I feel like "that person". All in one day I went to a work lunch where they ordered us lunch before we got there and I was that person saying "sorry I can't eat that" when really it wasn't that unhealthy. Then I had dinner at my friends parents house because she was in town, her mom made a nice dinner and I had to pick at the things I could eat and then say "sorry I can't that" to most the meal which made her scramble and try to come up with other things I could eat. To me I think that is rude and I felt rude. That really put a bad taste in my mouth about Whole 30. I am going out of town for the weekend for a little getaway and I will be staying with family. I have packed some healthy snacks like tomatoes and avocados but I DO NOT want to be that person all weekend that is saying "sorry I can't eat that" because I think sometimes it can be rude. Has anyone else ran into this? What do you do? I hate when people have to cater to me it is kind of embarrassing.
I have come to realize how many sauces, carbs, grains, and beans are in most meals. I have become very aware of what I eat which is the ultimate goal for me. There have been a couple times that I have eaten something then realized it isn't Whole 30 compliant and I am disappointed in myself! Whole 30 is a good reset, even if you only do a Whole 30 type of diet for a week or even a couple days you will notice a difference in how you feel. You feel like you are accomplishing something and you feel good. I feel good! I was doing my little boys smash cake and I literally had like TINY taste of the cake like maybe a teaspoon sized bite and I had a stomach ache. It isn't worth it to me! 
Will I eat this way forever? I don't have a yes or no answer for that question, let me explain why. I will be cutting out sugar, carbs and sauces. I will make my lifestyle change about eating lean meats and veggies and if I have rice it will be whole wheat. Now, if I am invited to a friends or families for dinner and they are serving spaghetti or something that wouldn't be considered Whole 30 compliant will I say sorry I can't eat that? The answer is no. Do I have to get a huge plate of it and eat away? No because that is one thing I have control over is portion control. If I go to dinner at a sushi restaurant will I order a seaweed salad? No I wont I will get sushi. If I go to dinner and order a salad will I bring my own dressing like some people do for Whole 30? The answer is also no.  You get the point. Anyway, what are your thoughts on Whole 30?

IN OTHER NEWS MY BABY IS WALKING!!!! Check out my Instagram @lifestylebymariah to see the video!


  1. For me is extremely hard to try to eat in a determinate way so I definitely think that do a thing like isn't for me , and If I ever do that then I will agree with you , probably just trying to do it most of the time but also enjoying my food when I have to. by the way, congrats for your baby!
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  2. Loved this post!! I think I may try this now to lose these last stubborn 10lb of baby weight! I'm doing no sweets for this month and have noticed a huge difference with my cravings and love handles ;) My big weakness now is carbs, so this could be the best way for me tone aware of my portions and what I'm eating. Thanks for sharing!!!

    xo Amanda


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