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Krew - 11 Month Update

Can I just take a second and cry. My baby is 11 months old!! Where in the world has the time gone? I can't believe that in ONE MONTH he will be a year old, I will have a one year old. I swear I just had him. As cliche as I thought it was when people would tell me they grow up fast, they meant it and there is nothing cliche about it! It is the absolute truth, and as depressing as the truth is it is also wonderful. It is wonderful to watch something that I created (with the help of my husband of course), that something being a tiny human that learns something new everyday and grows.. man does he grow. I am so in love with my little boy, he is so sweet and handsome! I can't wait to continue to watch him grow! Here is an 11 month update:

  • On Saturday, Krew fell and chipped his front left tooth and the tooth right next to it! Wahhh we are lucky he didn't knock the whole tooth out. He was standing up holding onto my computer chair and it spun and he fell and hit his teeth on the metal legs of the chair. Poor kid. :(
  • Krew weighs 19 pounds and he is a tall and skinny boy
  • He is obsessed with the word ball and anything round (or a football of course because he is a good boy), anytime he sees a ball he says "ba" and I love it. He spends a lot of his day throwing a ball and chasing after it. I love it! He also says da da, ma ma, bye bye, na na, and pa pa. A couple weekends ago he laid on my dads lap, looked up at him and said pa pa. It was the cutest thing ever and my dad was even more smitten than he already is!
  • Yesterday Krew was pushing around his toy car saying "vroom vroom"! Sometimes I am amazed at how quickly he catches on and learns thing. It makes me so happy.
  • Yesterday was the best Krew has ever walked, I pulled him up and he stood there for a little bit then he walked towards me and took about 5 or 6 steps. He did this couple times. I bet in a week he will be running around.
  • He bear crawls on anything that isn't carpet (like the picture above)
  • We finally switched car seats and boy is Krew happy about that!
  • He is obsessed with his HUGE grey and navy blanket, and I say huge I mean it. Most the time when you think of a baby blanket you think of a little blanket, not his is literally a blanket for a double bed. He grabbed it off the shelf one day at Target (after he yelled ba ba at the red balls out front and I melted) and just hugged it. I had to get it. He loves to snuggle with it, dive on it and wrestle around with it.
  • He loves to climb the stairs and I am trying to teach him to go down them so I can avoid getting a baby gate
  • In one day Krew learned how to pull all the toilet paper off of the roll, flush the toilet, open the bathroom drawer and dump out all the q-tips and climb in the dryer. He also found the vaseline and got it everywhere, so that was fun to clean up....... boys will be boys! Lets just say the weekend was spent organizing and baby proofing. 

Check out all the cute new clothes we got Krew, he had tons of clothes up until 9 months old. Now it is like starting over!

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  1. Love the Krew's clothing haul! I'm loving shopping for Tyson and find so many great deals at Target, Baby Gap, and Gymboree. I'm excited to see your rebranding!


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