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Krew's 9 month update

(I know I am a week late but that is ok)

  • On the 4th of July he took 3 or 4 steps and now he is super confident and trying to walk even more. I am thinking in the next 2 weeks he will be walking. AHHHH
  • Favorite foods/drinks: Blueberries, Apple/Prune juice, Oatmeal (strawberry banana or blueberry), wheat bread, water, baby treats, sweet potatoes, and basically anything we are eating he wants. So far he has tried everything (besides honey of course) that is higher risk for allergies and he has had no reaction.
  • This month he is officially on straight formula. I exclusively pumped for almost 9 months!! I wish I could have done it longer too but he was just drinking so much that I couldn't keep up and I tried EVERYTHING. That is a story for another day and I am proud of the 9 months I got. I felt guilty stopping too and I wasn't even nursing! Weird how that works.
  • He says: "da da, ma ma, ba ba, ball, and na na" He also loves to yell! We have a very vocal child.
  • We went swimming on the 4th of July and Krew went down his first big water slide with us holding him, at the first he was a little unsure but by the end he loved it. He also learned how to go under the water. It is really important to us that he is used to water. I am actually going to get him into swimming lessons. Anyone in Utah County have any recommendations for baby swim lessons??
  • He wears mostly 9 or 12 month tops and 6 to 9 month bottoms. He is tall and skinny.
  • He still hates his carseat as much as he did the first time we put him in it. I am debating switching him to a convertible rear facing carseat, he is well over 20lbs and I think he would probably be happier. Any suggestions on good carseats for his age?
  • Krew learned how to go up the stairs, pull himself up onto everything especially in the tub, and walk really good with his walker (he yells and laughs when he walks with it, I melt into a million pieces).
  • He loves the ABC song, driving with the window down, drinking out of a sippy cup, being outside, eating playing in the sand, smiling at strangers, and bath time.
Krew is such a happy boy, we are really lucky to be his parents and to watch him learn and grow and love. He is sweet, funny and so full of personality! I love you baby boy. 

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  1. I can't believe Krew is already 9 month. I feel like you just posted that you had him.

    1. I know it goes by so fast!! Thanks for following along my journey as a mom.

  2. Props for pumping for 9 months. I pumped for about 6 and it was a full time job!

    I can't believe he's about to walk. My guy isn't there yet and pray he doesn't for awhile. Oh man that'll be a new ball game!

    1. I really is a full time job! I know it blows my mind, I feel like he isn't old enough to be walking and even with just crawling he gets into everything!!


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