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Printed Pants

Yes my child wears clothes but he had just had dinner and prefers to have not many clothes on since it is SO HOT right now!

Top: Kohls - Pants: Kohls - Shoes: F21 - Necklace: Rocksbox (use the coupon code fashionbymariahxoxo for one month free Rocksbox)

I can't believe the week is almost half way over! This Summer is already going by so fast it is crazy. Lets just talk about how comfortable and CUTE this outfit is. When I asked my husband to take my pictures he said "you want to take pictures in your pajama pants?" HA HA yes, I did because they are comfortable and although they aren't pajama pants they sure feel like it!
ALSO, check out my fun little video on Youtube of this outfit. Make sure you subscribe to my channel for more videos similar to this. Of course as time goes on I will get better at editing, etc. but I thought it was fun to do something a little different. :)

Stay tuned for my next post on our fun Summer vacation I have planned!!

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  1. Such a cute outfit. I can't believe his up and walking. Aria is still figuring out the crawling thing. Which I am totally fine with. ;)



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