Fashion & Lifestyle: Krew is 4 months!!


Krew is 4 months!!

One word. STUD.

I have been terrible at doing updates on my blog about our sweet baby boy! So here is a little update. Krew is 4 months old as of the 1st of February. The beginning of last month I started back to work and he is doing VERY well being with my mother in law one day a week and my long time friend the other 4 days! We appreciate both so much for loving and caring for our baby while we are at work. He is so happy where he is at and whenever I pick him up he is just happy. Our 4 day a week baby sitter has a little boy who is 1 and Krew loves him, it just really helps to know he is in good hands. Anyway, I am sorry I have been slacking on blogging the end of January was crazy. Krew ended up getting RSV and the poor kid was pretty sick. Rob and I both got sick as well so our house was full of a bunch of sick people! Everyone is finally better and back to the swing of things. Here is a quick update all about our little man:

  • He is a very loud kid. I think it is just because he has discovered his voice because he is always yelling, talking, laughing, humming, etc. It is the cutest!!
  • He does this little growl noise when he is swaddled and tired. As soon as he is swaddled he knows it is time for bed, and he sleeps good when he is swaddle because he isn't waking him self up (Thanks to our babysitter Tori).
  • He loves to be standing or sitting. It is pretty rare that he likes to lay down. 
  • Those 2 fingers, as you will notice in the pictures above he is constantly chewing on those 2 fingers
  • He is a social kid who LOVES people. He is constantly smiling at strangers, I love that he is already making people smile!
  • His favorite toys are his Sophie giraffe from Hilary and his ABC monkey from Grandma and Grandpa Wootton
  • At night before bed I give him a bottle with a little bit of rice cereal in it and he loves that bottle, I feel like it helps him sleep better
  • His favorite baby food so far is Peas
  • He is easy going, silly, happy, and our pride and joy!!
I just love being a mom, I tell Rob all the time "I want 10 more" ha ha not really 10 but I do want quite a bit more. Everything about pregnancy, labor, and being a mom is AMAZING and I could do it over and over and over. Even if I am sick until 28 weeks again like I was with Krew, or my back aches for the rest of my life or I get no sleep and still have to get up at 6am to pump and get ready for work, then work an 8 or 9 hour day.. It is all beautiful because I am a mom, and a wife and I am so happy. I just love everything about it! It is such a blessing. We are blessed, god is oh so good.

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