Fashion & Lifestyle: 39 Week Bumbdate


39 Week Bumbdate

Dress: c/o Pink Blush Maternity - Scarf: Gifted - Watch: Michael Kors - Purse: c/o Dress We
You guys!! I am 39 weeks, I can't even believe it! I had my weekly doctors appointment on Monday and things are progressing which is always a good sign. I am still planning on being late so I am surprised if he comes early and not sad if he comes late! There is a rule at the hospital I am delivering at that you can't be induced unless you are a week late however, this coming Monday I have a doctors appointment and the doctor said if I haven't had him by my due date (a week from today) then he will do a stress test and there is usually always something that can make it so he can induce me. He is awesome, he told me he doesn't remember the last baby he delivered a week late and he does this everyday for YEARS! We are so excited to meet our little guy. :)
Due Date: October 1st
Weight Gain: 25 lbs 
Belly Button: Completely out, and it even showed up a little in this post! ;)
Best Moment This Week: Knowing that we COULD meet this baby in a week. Also, hearing my doctor say he doesn't remember the last time he delivered a baby a week late!
Sleep: I still sleep amazing! I get up about 3 times to go to the bathroom but have no problem falling back to sleep. When I wake up my hips hurt from sleeping on my side but other than that I sleep so good and have my whole pregnancy. I have noticed that I am more tired, which is obviously normal!
Stretch Marks: Everything is clear except my side of my but/thighs, I have a few but they are staying SUPER light with my amazing Bio Oil. Seriously it is a life saver, I notice them because It is my body but they are so light you can't even tell. I have lucked out so far! 
*I was once told when I got a massage that, that is actually the best way to prevent stretch marks. It isn't always about the cream you put on, but they said to massage my skin! I thought that was 
Looking Forward To:  Meeting our sweet baby!
Movement: Baby boy is still SO active and I love it! I think we might have our hands full when he gets here if he continues to be this active.
Labor Signs: I have had quite a bit more cramping lately (like period cramps), and a lot of braxton hicks that are starting to get more painful
Nursery:  It is finally all done! See this  post!
Hospital Bag/Diaper Bag:  Packed and ready to go! Check back for my post on what is in my hospital bag and the babies bag, you should see that go up Friday or Monday!

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  1. I have always heard walking around helps going in to labor.

  2. You are looking great! Glad you get to be induced on your due date! My little one was due July 21, I finally was induced on July 24 and she didn't arrive until July 26 via c-section :) Sweet girl did NOT want to come out! :)

    1. Oh my gosh! That would happen to me... I am planning on being a week late still though so I am not disappointed when he is late! I would rather be surprised if he is early! :)

  3. You look so great! I am excited for you, and love how you said you could meet your baby this week! EEEK!

  4. Oh my goodness, you are absolutely glowing in these photos!

    xx Kelly
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