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I put custom blogs on hold for a while, during the first half of my pregnancy when I was so sick but I am back at it again! I also design custom invitations. I have designed TONS of baby shower and bridal shower announcements, as well as my niece's latest first birthday announcement! I also designed my sister in law and brothers wedding invitations. :) If you would like samples feel free to email me at
I love designing blogs and invitations it is truly a passion! My goal is to make you something that you love! So spread the word!! :)  Also, if you just need a few touch ups on your blog the price will be less.
Email me for details.
Sale ends a week from today.


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P.S. The Summer Kickoff giveaway winner is posted here.

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  1. i should totally take you up on this!
    i want to change my blog name but have NO idea where to begin.
    i can't even delete the layout i have now without a million error messages! argh!


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