Fashion & Lifestyle: 20 Week Bumpdate


20 Week Bumpdate

Long legs!

Today we had our 20 week ultrasound Krew is head down and facing my back. I am carrying him in my back! We weren't able to get a profile shot of our baby but he was showing off his muscles and that he is still indeed a boy! I am so excited to be halfway. :)

Due Date: September 29th
Gender: BOY!! His name will be Krew. :)
Weight Gain/Loss: Gained weight so now I am down 2 pounds! 
Maternity Clothes: Still wearing normal clothes, but when I can't anymore I have tons of cute maternity clothes!
Stretch Marks: None. I have been using coconut oil and so far it has worked great! And worked wonders for my friends.
Belly Button In or Out: In
Sleep: I sleep like a rock and I always have. When did that change for everyone? I'm hoping that I stay lucky!
Best Moment This Week: Lots of good things happened this week! I am starting to feel a little better (crossing my fingers), we got to see our sweet baby and our due date moved up by a few days!
Movements: Yes! SO much movement! He is very active and I love that Rob can feel him. 
Queasy or Sick:I am still a little nauseous but I think I am almost over the sickness!
Cravings: Apple Juice 

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  1. You are just adorable! It's crazy how different bodies handle pregnancy. I'm sure by the time you are full term, you'll look like I did at 20 weeks :) But I'm carrying her really far forward so it explains why I showed so quickly. Your little one is all snuggled in back :) Wahoo for a new due date! The sooner you can hold him in your arms :)


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