Fashion & Lifestyle: 17 Week Update


17 Week Update

Due Date: October 1st
Gender: BOY!! His name will be Krew. :)
Weight Gain/Loss: Down 8 pounds since I found out I was pregnant. 
Maternity Clothes: Not yet. Still stocking up :)  
Stretch Marks: None. 
Belly Button In or Out: In
Sleep: I sleep like a rock and I always have. I only wake up once to go to the bathroom :) not bad!
Best Moment This Week: Getting to see our baby again! My uncle is an ER doctor, so on Easter we  went to the hospital and got an ultrasound just for fun. 
Movements: Yes! At first it was just little pokes that I barely noticed but they are now stronger and more frequent AND I LOVE IT! :) 
Queasy or Sick: It changes every day, still taking Zofran for nausea. It works wonders! 
Cravings: Noodles and Company, YUM!
Looking Forward To: Rob being able to feel the baby move & kick

Raise your hand if you have a shopping addiction for your child, niece, nephew, neighbor, etc.?
ME, ME, ME... I do!! Krew's closet is filling up on the daily. Baby clothes are just so fun to buy! Even boys, who was the crazy person that said boys aren't as fun to by for? Because I strongly disagree! My favorite find this week, camo high tops... I die!! SO CUTE!

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