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The Story.

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments!  I thought since this blog does document my life as well as other things I thought I would share kind of how I found out and how big of a surprise finding out I am pregnant was. This post is more for the ladies because... well I probably say period once or twice and I know how that can make the men cringe ha ha! Rob has always said he wanted to wait 4 years to have a baby, I would have been thrilled if we got pregnant on our honeymoon.. so we compromised and said OK we will wait 2 years before we start trying. Rewind to when we got married, I was on birth control. In fact the lowest amount of hormone you can get, it was really expensive and I loved it. There was only one problem, it made me SO sick. Like the doctors thought I was allergic to gluten, dairy, you name it! Anytime I ate I just got stomach pains and was sick. It was the most frustrating thing. So in June of last year I said to my doctor, do you think this could be from my birth control? She said no (reason #1 why I switched doctors) and I just felt like it wouldn't hurt to stop taking it and see, I was desperate at this point. So I did, I stopped taking it and I felt amazing! I had energy again, I didn't get sick. I was a whole new woman. The doctors came to the conclusion that my body just can't handle the hormone. The only way I will be able to have a birth control is a non hormonal IUD. I didn't want to get one yet because I haven't had a baby yet and I didn't want to get it put in if it would have a hard time staying  in. So Rob and I decided just to be "careful", and for months we were. Like really careful, we were going to wait two year.. we wanted to be in a house. We had it all planned out! Well in October my period was way late, like a month and a half late. I was worried, I took a test and it was negative. Then finally I started. Then the next month comes around and nothing, so I took another test and it was negative.. I just kept waiting and finally decided to go to the doctor after my period was 2 months late with a negative test. 
We made a plan, she wanted to see if I was ovulating. So she gave me a pill called Provera (this pill makes you start your period) and from the day I started I was supposed to wait 21 days then go get blood work. I did what I was supposed to, I took the pill the second week in December and started.. waited the 21 days then went and got blood work. I had an appointment with my doctor the beginning of January where she told me I didn't ovulate (reason #2 why I switched doctors) and that it might be kind of hard to get pregnant. I was SO sad! She gave me Provera again as well as Clomid (this pill makes you ovulate and also raises your chances of multiples, they usually only give you this if you have been trying for a year with no success). My instructions were to start the Provera and on the 3rd day of my period start taking the Clomid and in 21 days get blood work again to see if that made me ovulate. I took the Provera and nothing, I didn't start (reason #3 why I switched doctors). So I called my doctor and said I didn't start, she told me to wait a week and call back to get more Provera. So I waited like a week and a half, and honestly kind of forgot about it. Until I was reading online about Provera to see if anyone else has that problem and a few girls said that happened to them and that they were pregnant. I thought there is no way my doctor just told me I didn't ovulate.
  Oh yeah and I forgot there were 2 holidays that Rob and I weren't careful and that was Christmas and New Years ha ha.  
So I decided I was going to leave for my lunch break, call my doctor and take a pregnancy test. I left my doctor a voice mail as I was driving to the store and said I still haven't started I need you to call me in another prescription of Provera. I went to Smiths and bought a test, thinking the whole time.. These tests are a waste of money. And yes I was white trash and took the test at Smiths. To my surprise the test was positive, so I went and bought another one and it was positive as well! I was freaking out!! There was no way I was pregnant but I was. I hadn't felt good all week but I never would have thought that it was because I was pregnant. I couldn't wait to get off work that day to tell Rob. I walked around Target trying to find a cute way to tell him, but I didn't know how he would take it! I was SO nervous, so I just put the two tests in my back pocket and went into Rob's work. I waited until they closed and everyone left and I put the tests down in front of him. He stared at them forever and was just in shock! He was so excited, and that shocked me even more. :) It was such an amazing week. We found out I was pregnant on February 4th and we closed on our new home and moved in on February 7th! We were so anxious to tell our families, they would FREAK OUT! One because it is the first grand baby on the Hopkins side and two because my brothers wife is pregnant and due in July, my sister is pregnant and due in September and here I was pregnant due the end of September (they changed it to Oct. 1st) so all my siblings will be having babies extremely close together! We went to dinner with Rob's whole family on February 6th and told them there and then we told my family on February 7th after we closed on our home! Everyone was so shocked but all very excited. :) 
All in all, this baby is a little miracle but really aren't all babies. The whole process is amazing! 
I am finally starting to feel a little better, but that is only because my doctor had to put me on some medicine. I was so sick and dehydrated. I hope that that in a couple weeks the sickness kind of goes away. As of now, I don't have a bump.. I just feel kind of fat and can tell that I have one coming! I am excited to "style my bump"...
Thanks again for all your love an support I really appreciate all of you and your sweet comments!:)

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  1. Congratulations!!! How exciting!! :)

  2. I was taking loestrin and it did the same thing to me. It gave me gallstones like crazy! I had the worst stomach pains until I took a cleanse that passed the stones. After I stopped the birth control it was better. We had to do the be very careful method as well. Congrats again!


    1. Oh my gosh, yeah that is what I took! I am glad I am not the only one. The "pull and pray" method worked great for us!! Ha ha

  3. congrats girl, what a story! hope you start feeling better soon.

    xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!


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