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12 Week Update

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I went to take a picture of my "bump" but, I realized nothing has changed since last week! However, I still like doing these updates so I can keep them. Scrapbook, hello!!  I can't believe I am 12 weeks, I will admit time is going by pretty slow but I am happy this is my last week of the first trimester. :) My app tells me the baby is the size of a lime! That is much better than a raspberry, or a blueberry. Keep growing baby!
 Here's a quick update:

How far: 12 Weeks
Due Date: October 1st
Gender: I think its a boy. We are finding out what our baby is April 9th! :) Any guesses?
Weight Gain/Loss: Lost 7lbs. Since my doctors appointment in January (when I didn't know I was pregnant) to my appointment I had on Wednesday. 
Maternity Clothes: Not yet, can't wait to show some maturity style! 
Stretch Marks: None. I rub on Vitamin E cream and Coca Butter. Crossing my fingers. 
Belly Button In or Out: In
Sleep: Really good actually, I can't get enough of it though. I better soak it in as long as I can! 
Best Moment This Week: Realizing that I am a third of the way done! :) 
Miss Anything: Not being able to survive without Zofran, I am hoping these next few weeks I start to feel better. 
Movements: None yet
Cravings: Sushi.. and I realize everyone is probably judging me because I love sushi! Everyone tells you what to do when you are pregnant and judges what you eat and do! I should just get used to it though because I assume the same thing will happen when my baby is born. Ohhh I also crave roasted marshmallows. If you follow me on Facebook you saw my post on Sunday about this. :) 
Queasy or Sick: YES!! I am on Zofran. I used to only have to take it every 24 hours, but I learned the hard way that I need it every 12 hours until I get over this little sickness hump. 
Looking Forward To: Finding out the sex of this sweet baby, and getting a little bump :) 

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  1. Oh girl! I am craving sushi too, but I found a way around it! Order a non-raw roll. My all time favorite roll at my favorite sushi place has raw fish in it, so I asked my waiter if we could take the raw fish out. He said yes! And it still tasted amazing!!! Give it a try! ;)

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