Fashion & Lifestyle: My birthday & A house update! :)


My birthday & A house update! :)

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My cute husband took this picture and put it on Facebook! 
We celebrated my birthday at a condo in Bear Lake with my family and Rob's family. It was fun to get everyone together to get to know each other! We just hung out, played games, went to eat and watched some movies. It was a perfect weekend with family. I was spoiled! I got a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings, a shirt and a blazer, and decorations for my house. I also got light fixtures, which I will talk about a little bit more below! :) 

This little princess sure is growing up! She is 7 months old, I can't believe it! The crazy part about it is she is still so tiny, she only weighs 13 pounds! She is so cute and has so much personality! Also, my sister (her mom) is pregnant AGAIN!!! She is almost 2 months. The two babies will be so close in age it will be so fun for them, well.. I don't know about my sister and brother in law but we are sure excited! Plus my brothers wife is due a few months before my sister! Yay! Lots of babies :) 

Ohhhhh my pride and joy! I designed this fireplace and I am so proud of the final look. :) 

I designed this kitchen too with the help of my husband. I think it looks great. Not the best picture but they got the back splash up and the appliances were waiting in the living room to be installed. I am in love with the mint green back splash, I think it adds the perfect amount of color to our kitchen. I will get a better picture with my actual camera next time. :) 

p.s. sorry for the picture quality, I took them with my phone. 

I am SO happy with the way things turned out with our home. :) Since the picture of the outside, they have finished the lights on each point and at the door as well as laid the driveway and sidewalk. They just have to paint our front door black. The inside is almost done.. they will do the carpet, toilets, and bathroom sinks this week and it will be all done! The only this we don't like is the light fixtures. Those are easy fixes and really for that being the only thing I think Edge Homes did really good! Good news though, for my birthday I got new light fixtures! Last but not least, we do our final walk through on Monday February 3rd and close on February 7th! We are beyond excited to be into our new home, it has been one heck of a journey! :)
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  1. I love your fireplace! I'm so impressed you designed it. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! You house is really coming along.

    1. Yeah, it really is! I am loving it. :)
      Thank you!


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