Fashion & Lifestyle: Another Niece & A House Update :)


Another Niece & A House Update :)

Exciting things happening here! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. On Saturday I had the opportunity to go with my brother Brady and his wife Lindsay to find out the gender of their baby. I have never been in an ultrasound before and what a special experience.  Lindsay is 15 weeks and it is so crazy and that point to watch that little baby. She had the hiccups and was being so ladylike keeping her legs crossed. :) I was able to record the whole thing and I think I have watched it 10 times since the ultrasound. I can't wait to have another niece! I have already bought the baby a little onesie that says "Awesome like auntie" and i can't wait to spoil the crap out of her. I already am so in love with sweet little Braylin and I cant wait to meet her in July. 

They combined their names and decided to name her Braylin. I think it is such a cute name, it usually doesn't work out that well when people combine names! :) 
Now for the home! They painted, put the doors on, the garage door is on, put up the railings and stained them. Every time we go we are surprised at all they have done. The walls are a light gray and I LOVE the way they look against the white! This week they are putting the cabinets in. I am dying! I am so excited. :)

  Left door: pantry - Middle door: garage - Right door: under the stairs

I love all the detail in the master bedroom

Last but not least, my pride and joy! This fireplace is coming together SO perfect! I am in love with it!

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