Fashion & Lifestyle: 4th of July Week/Weekend! :)


4th of July Week/Weekend! :)

Last week/weekend was such a fun and relaxing one! I wish every week could be like last week. On Wednesday I worked a half day and went and hung out with my husband and his family, we stayed the night and the next day for the 4th we went swimming and then to the Bee's game! The Bees won and the game followed with an amazing firework show! It was so much fun, minus the fact that someone broke my husbands window of his car at the pool. LAME. 

On Friday I worked a half day then went to meet up with my parents, we relaxed at my house the went to get snowcones and to see a move. Later that evening we had family pictures with my dads side of the family. 
I also got to snuggle this little princess...
I just love my niece I wish I got to snuggle her everyday she is so perfect! I can't believe she is already 2 weeks old. 

On Saturday I spent the whole day at the pool with my dads side of the family, it isn't often that they all get together so that was fun. Plus I got a really good tan! :)
My dad and his brothers are so funny! We spent the whole day laughing and having fun. :) 
Saturday night Rob and I went on a little date, I felt bad he had to work while I spent the day at the pool so I told him to pick where we went. We went to sushi and hot tubing! It was such a fun week and weekend.
I promise I will be doing a lot more posts, it was just a crazy week!
Stay tuned. :)

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