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Guest Post - Rachel In Real Life

I am so so so excited about this guest post! I went to high school with Rachel and wish so bad we were friends. She is the most inspiring girl and honestly my favorite blog. Her words are inspiring, often when I read her blog posts it makes me cry or get the chills! She is amazing. 
This is Rachel In Real Life..

Hello. My name is Rachel. I spend my days chasing around a blonde haired little boy with the longest eyelashes around. His name is Dawson. I also spend a lot of my time day dreaming about my handsome husband. He has the dreamiest blue eyes; he gave the same ones to our little man. I write him letters & wait impatiently for phone calls; he’s in the Air Force. Up until recently we hadn’t spent more than three days apart since that summer night when we first met. Our life changed in an instant when he made the decision to serve our country & provide for our family by joining the Air Force. That’s where the idea of Rachel In Real Life first began.

 It started out as a way to keep family & friends updated on all of the big changes going on around here. It quickly became much more. It is now my safe haven from the world. It’s a place where I go to dream, think & make sense of life. I hope that it can become a safe haven for other women too. My hope is that we can all connect. We’re so much alike you & I. Even though we haven’t met we fight many of the same battles. We dream many of the same dreams.
Each day I wake up to snuggles from the sweetest babe. I look in the mirror & remind myself of all the things that make me beautiful. I wonder what I could do today to make this world a little brighter, a little better. My life isn’t perfect but it is so real. At times it is a roller coaster & I choose to throw my hands in the air, with eyes wide open, because what’s the fun in holding on too tight? I am a wife & a mother. I am a lover of the simple joys in life. 

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