Fashion & Lifestyle: Can I have them all?


Can I have them all?

I don't know about all of you but I am in love with accessories. I love shoes, watches, jewelry, sunglasses, etc. Especially the accessories below, I have been eyeing half of them for weeks! :) Leave it up to me to do your online shopping for you. When I worked at Buckle on of my favorite things about my job was putting together outfits for people, that is where the inspiration of my blog came from. I love giving people ideas and helping people look and feel pretty! :) Which accessory below is your favorite? 


Also, I am loving all the maxi skirts and dresses. It is so easy to throw on a tee with a maxi skirt and a little cardagain over a maxi dress with some jewelry and you have a fun complete summer outfit!
I need all of these dresses, and when I say need I mean it! :) you can never have to many maxi's.

Can I have them all? I love all the items above.. I think they all need to be in my closet! What do you say husband? ;) 
I hope you all are having an amazing week. My sister is due tomorrow.. I don't think baby girl will be here tomorrow though. I hope she is here soon, I am so so so excited to meet her I can hardly stand it! :)
Thank you all so much for your support!

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