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Custom Blog Pricing. :)

Today is the last day to enter into the Custom Blog Giveaway. I wanted to talk more about my custom blogs. I think everyone should have a chance to get there blog customized, and I understand money is tight for some people and even if it isn't it is still smart to budget and paying to get your blog customized doesn't really seem that important to fit into your budget. If I told my husband I was going to spend $100 or more to get my blog customized he would probably laugh... So I decided I would sit down and learn how to do custom blogs to help those in the blogging world on a budget. Even if you just have a simple family blog it is still nice to add a little bit of your style into your page even if you just want a custom header! Something inside me tells me I should just do it for free, but it does take a lot of time out of my busy schedule (especially when I am a perfectionist) and I do pay for a computer program to get the cute fonts and designs. My husband always tells me that I need to stop doing everything for free, but I just feel bad! So that is why I want to keep my prices low..
The lowest price I have seen to get your blog completely revamped is $100 which is low compared to a lot of people who charge up to $400. That is just SOOOOOO expensive, I would rather buy a couple outfits! Ha ha that being said here are my prices:

I am willing to work with anyone though, I understand everyones situation is different! :)
Feel free to email me at if you have any questions at all!
Also, I would love it if you could all spread the word to any other fellow bloggers!
*I only do custom blogs for blogspot. SORRY...
Thank you!!

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