Fashion & Lifestyle: A little edgy. :)


A little edgy. :)

This guy.... He is so good looking and is always so kind to take my pictures. :)

Top: Buckle - Jeans: F21 - Leather Jacket: Buckle (similar here) - Shoes: Gifted (also like these) - Watch: Michael Kors

Although I hate this time change for the sake of waking up in the morning, I love it in the evenings. I feel like I get to spend more time with my husband even though it is the same amount of time it is just lighter! Also, this early time change calls for no make up.. Like you see above! Ha ha and am I the only one that loves the edgy look? Even if it is as simple as a tee shirt and a leather jacket. It is one of my favorite looks lately.
I hope you all are having a fantastic week! And did you notice the changes on my blog?
If anyone is looking for a little bit of a face lift shoot me an email at I will do it for EXTREMELY cheap and would love to help anyone out, so spread the word! :)
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  1. Husbands that take our outfit pictures are the best! Love the jacket.

  2. Hi there, I follow your blog and you are just so cute so I have to read like every single thing that you post. I am new to blogging so I would love it if you followed me back! Anyway, you mentioned a facelift. Yes, that. My blog needs that. Do you design blogs or can you give me more details!?

    Thanks :)


  3. You are so sweet! :) thank you. And yes I do, email me at for details. I do it for super cheap cause I am new at it but I designed my blog! Like $10-$20 depending on how much detail you want :)


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