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I am so sorry I have been MIA this week. It has been a crazy/stressful week! Before I worked at the Mortgage company (where I work now) I worked at Buckle, and let me tell you for someone who loves clothes and fashion it was so hard not to buy everything in the mall. Well then I come to my job now and all day I work on files where people are buying homes, or refinancing and it is such an exciting thing! Every month I pay rent in our tiny one bedroom apartment I just want to throw up. RENT IS A WASTE OF MONEY!! It really is, I get to see how low your mortgage can be and we would be paying like $200 more a month to own a house that is 5 times the size of our place! Crazy right? When I started at WJ Bradley Mortgage Capital almost a year ago I became house hungry and started to figure out our finances, I started paying double on some of our debts just to build my credit and get things paid off. We are to the point now where my husbands car is almost paid off and 3 other things we have been double on are also almost paid off. I have been looking at houses/townhouses for months and months. So a week or so ago we decided this is something we can really afford, so we found a Realtor. We have found a place that we are in love with, and by the end of March we will know more. We are very excited to own our own place! It is such a big step, I don't feel like I am old enough to own a house but it is a smart thing to do if you are financially stable and can afford it! :) Sorry for rambling for so long, I promise tomorrow I will be back in the swing of things! Tomorrow I will do Friday Favorites then I have a super exciting collaboration to talk about! I will tell you about it Monday!  Don't forget about the giveaway either! :)

P.S. Do any of you feel like this or is it just me? Ha ha 


  1. Haha, that quote is so true. Sometimes I lie in bed for hours before I actually fall asleep! I hope you are able to close the deal on your dream house! exciting times ;)


    1. I know! I even made myself stay up late last night (and by late I mean 12:30am ha ha) so I would sleep in.. Nope I woke up at 5:30am! KILL ME!! I am so tired! I know I hope everything works out as planned! We are very anxious. :)

      Mariah Hopkins

  2. I'm excited for yall!! Especially if you've already found one you like! It's a fun process but gets a little stressful at times but over all the best thing ever!! Good Luck!!

  3. Owning a home is so awesome! Jon and I totally lucked out and found a killer deal after only being married for 5 months! if you can do you totally should! it really is so much better than renting. Jon felt the same way he hated renting. its pretty much just wasting money when owning your own home is like putting money in your own pocket! i hope it all works out for you!!

  4. I am glad I came across this post. I wish hubs and I were ready to buy a house, but we will probably move like 5 times in the next 8 years, so it's just not in the cards right now. You seem so money savvy! If you have any more advice with your background, you should totally blog about any advice you have.


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