Fashion & Lifestyle: Our Valentine's Day! :)


Our Valentine's Day! :)

Last year Rob and I decided we would take turns being in charge of Valentine's Day. So this year it was my turn. We both decided we wanted to just relax at home and I would make a nice dinner. Also, we are cracking down on a budget (which is really hard, we like to go out) because we are going to be buying a house here soon. Anyway, I got off work around 5 and hurried home to decorate and got the ribs in the oven. I didn't decorate for Valentine's Day this year so when I got home I did my best to make it look like Valentine's Day! 
Here are a little bit of the details.. 

For dinner we had:
Ceasers Salad
Ribs, and they turned out great, I was nervous!! :)
We also had a few goodies to eat after (or before... oops) dinner!

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing on the couch, & sharing kisses! :)
I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband, I just love him so much seriously! He is my best friend, and through thick and thin he is always there for me!

I love you Rob!!


  1. oh my gosh!! So dang cute!! Your valentines day looks like so much fun!!!!! Nice job on the ribs! I need that recipe:)

    1. I will post the recipe soon! :) It was super easy, and so yummy! I love your blog by the way.. so cute!

  2. I know your husband! Small world. I am adding your button to my blog today! :)


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