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Editing Play :)

I did these outfit post pictures a few weeks ago and I just didn't really like the lighting, the sun was reflecting off the snow and I just didn't love the lighting. But why waste an outfit post right? So I decided to play with the editing and post the pictures anyway.. :)

Leather Leggings: JC Penny
Shirt: Billabong (Buckle)
Blazer: Buckle
Shoes: Target
Bracelet: Gifted
Ring: c/o Brumby's Accessories
Glasses: TJ Maxx
Beanie: Target

By the way these leggings, and this shirt are probably my favorite ever!! I wish I would have bought 2 of each :) I hope you all had an amazing weekend!
Also, how many of you think it is time to giveaway another REAL pearl necklace? :) I need more people to enter into this giveaway, the necklace is worth $125. So I need feedback of who will enter?

P.S. I have also had a few people not being able to enter into the giveaways.. You HAVE to be a follower of my blog to enter or the system won't let you. It is easy click on "Join this Site" on the right side and enter in you email(gmail or yahoo) or twitter username and password and there you go! :) If you don't have an email it is super easy to create one! You also don't have to complete all of the steps to enter in the giveaway, it just gives you a better chance of winning if you complete all the steps! :) 


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    1. Ok first of all... I just have to laugh at you! Who comments on a random strangers blog and says that? I am a good LDS girl and I don't appreciate you telling me how to dress when I always make sure it is modest and always get comments and thank yous about how modest I dress. I was married in the temple and my garments are always covered, sorry if the way I dress seems wrong to you and if it does then just stop looking at my blog.

    2. Dear "Spring Creek Young Women"
      I would appreciate it if you would read this marvelous talk given by special witnesses of the Lord:
      Anyone who is truly concerned with the spiritual well being of another brother or sister in the gospel would not place such an attacking judgmental comment on a public forum, doing so is meant to harm and embarrass.
      "Let us examine our own lives and actions, bring ourselves in tune with righteous principles, and never attack or spread misinformation about others."
      As a member of the church I would hope that your intention would be to uplift and encourage others who are striving to live the gospel, not tear down and attack them.
      I appreciate Mariah's blog because she often refers to her beliefs in the gospel as well as gives advice to those who are trying to dress modestly but having a hard time finding clothing that is cute AND temple worthy. It hurts to see that help so easily misjudged, and quite honestly it is disappointing to see from a representative of our church.


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