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Cancer Sucks!

All growing up I have been so bless to be so close to all my family, extended family included! I want the same thing in my future family. I have a lot of aunts and uncles and cousins and we have been so lucky to have only had one major event that has ended in death. We really are lucky! Well nearly 2 weeks ago my family got news that my dads sweet mom (my grandma) was diagnosed with cancer.. It is so crazy how life changes. She had a major surgery to remove the cancer on Tuesday and yesterday we recieved more news that the cancer is in one of the lymph nodes which means she will have to do Chemo/radiation. We are glad it is only is one, that really is a blessing that it wasnt in more. It breaks my heart seeing the fear in her and my grandpas eyes. My grandma is a fighter and I know she will get through this! Keep her in her prayers. I love you Grandma!



  1. I am so sorry! My sister was diagnosed with cancer a little over a year ago- hardest thing ever. I will keep you and your grandma in my prayers!

  2. Lucky for you maybe, but not for me cause it was my dad :( hope everything continues to go well with grandma. Cancer really does suck!!

    1. I know!! :( It is horrible! I feel so sad for your family still, but on both sides of my family your dad is the only death (besides my great grandma who was 90 something)out of how many? I wish we had 0.. :( still breaks my heart! Love you Court and CONGRATS!! I am so happy for you two to have a sweet baby!


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