Fashion & Lifestyle: Chocolate Isn't Just For Eating Anymore! :)


Chocolate Isn't Just For Eating Anymore! :)

A Luxurious Facial Mask To Moisturize
Your Dry Skin
By: Michelle Pino

Chocolate is one of those simple little luxuries every woman enjoys. But instead of
just eating it, try putting it on your face. Sounds a bit strange but it is great to
moisturize your face if you have dry skin. This recipe will help you make a "spa day"
at home. Plus it will feel like you are making dessert. What's not to like about that?

Sometimes we just need to slow down. But getting to a spa is just not as easy as it
sounds. In this day and age we cannot always find the time to pamper ourselves
with a ground volcanic rock facial. Well, if finding the time is a problem for you, and
a volcanic rock facial doesn't appeal to you anyway, here is a fun solution you can
do at home. So put down the chocolate and get ready to learn how to make your
own moisturizing facial, the kind people drool over at spas.

The following recipe for your chocolate facemask could almost serve double duty as
a moisturizing mask and a treat to eat while wearing it. And with its everyday
ingredients you may not even have to purchase anything extra. Here are your
directions, just follow, have fun and above all- relax!

1-tablespoon cocoa powder
1-tablespoon heavy cream
1-teaspoon cottage cheese
4-teaspoon honey
1-teaspoon oatmeal

What To Do Next
Add all ingredients to your trusty blender and puree. Simple enough.

Thoroughly cleanse your face, making sure there is no make-up or other products
left. Run the hot water for a bit and let the steam hit your face to open your
pores. Then take your yummy looking chocolate mixture and cover your
face. Leave for 10 minutes or so and then rinse off with warm water. Pat dry.

*Note: While the facemask is drying it should stiffen and some cracks may appear, but this is
normal don’t worry!

If you don't know what to do with the 10 minutes or so that you will be leaving the
mask on for here are a few suggestions. Clean your blender (boring), make a nice
chocolate dessert (less boring but a lot of work), or pull out your hidden stash of
chocolate and relax and enjoy a few minutes of personal time (best). You owe it to


I had the opportunity to team up with a fabulous lady named Michelle Pino who works at a spa in Upstate New York, called Skana Spa. She enjoys sharing her passion for all things DIY and spa related. Michelle also enjoys healthy living, exercise and the occasional indulgence the yummy treats she bakes!
I am super excited, she decided to share one of her amazing DIY facial mask recipes with us all!

If you have any questions feel free to email me at :) I love hearing from all of you! Also don't forget to enter into the giveaway! :)

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