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Brilliant Beginnings - Goldsmith Co. Jewelers

This is something you won't want to miss!! :) That ring above could be yours. You and someone you love have the chance to win a beautiful ring from Parade and it is easy.  All you have to do is follow these simple steps: 
Step 1:  Share your story on the Goldsmith Facebook page – all of the great little details, make it unique and inspiring!
Step 2:  Stories with photos/video do the best, people want to actually SEE your story! So take a few minutes and post some photos to a blog (see or do a quick video – it doesn’t  have to be fancy, just speak from the heart.
Step 3:  YOU are the power of this – share it on your Facebook page send it to friends/family in a message, remind people daily to vote for your video.
Step 4:  Enjoy all the love and the post with the most “likes’ on the Goldsmith Facebook page by 10 am on February 14th, wins the Parade Lyria ring!
Official Rules:
  1. Participants must act in accordance with Facebook’s rules and regulations.
  2. All likes are tallied from the Goldsmith Facebook page, and not the likes on your personal Facebook page so direct your friends and family here to like your story! Contest goes until February 14.
  3. You must be present at the Goldsmith Co. Provo store at noon on February 14th to claim the ring.
  4. Love stories can be your own or that of a  friend/family member. But you must have their permission to share their story.
  5. Love stories can be new engagements or love stories of a lifetime, we simply want to celebrate your love stories
  6. Facebook does not administer this campaign and is released of all liability. Each participant recognizes that and that they are disclosing information to a third party.
Can’t wait to read your stories.
Best of luck to everyone!

**Let me know if any of you enter!! :) Just comment below, I will love reading your stories!

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