Fashion & Lifestyle: Neutral Fashion! :)


Neutral Fashion! :)

Lots of people have asked about the vest above.. Get the similar one HERE.

I like to point out some of the trends through out the year! These are some of my favorite trends right now. :) If you notice, I love neutrals! I don't wear much color in my pictures either. I have tried to put color into my wardrobe and I just seem to always fall back to the same colors.. well I guess they aren't really colors!Ha ha
Thanks for stopping by and following! :) I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season.

P.S. All of these trends can be found on my Pinterest "Fashion" board. :)


  1. I love neutrals ! they mix so well . I like color though, my favorite is to do a pop of color sometimes. Black is so chic though. love this trend- great pictures.

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