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Long, Real, Healthy Hair 101! :)

Happy Tuesday!! OK I have had so many questions on how I keep my hair long and healthy, so I decided I would share a few secrets with you today. :) Get excited! First there is one thing you should know about me, I LOVE my hair! I have had long hair for as long as I can remember and I work hard to keep it long.. AND REAL! People ask me all the time if I have extensions and I never want to have to say yes! I proudly say no. I am aware that my hair isn't the longest hair around but I am not looking for that. Also don't think that I don't like extensions, because I do think some people can pull them off.. they just aren't for me! Also one of my biggest pet peeves is when people want hair so bad that it is SO DEAD!!! That is not attractive girls, it really isn't, just trim your hair it looks a lot better! :) It is smart to get a trim regularly even if it is just a tiny trim! Anyway, here is what I do.

*I have tried so many shampoo and conditioners, having a mom as a cosmetologist. They are good expensive kinds too and they worked fine but I have seen so many good results in that past few months after using this:
I just buy it at Target, it isn't very expensive at all either! I think like $5 a bottle and it lasts me a while :) I also don't wash my hair very much.. That brings me to my next thing!

*I wash my hair every 4 days.. sometimes every 5 days. Gross? Maybe to some people but it isn't good to wash your hair very much it really isn't I was one of those people who was SUPER crazy about washing my hair every day. But you have to train your hair, it has taken me like 4 months to get used to it! Now I could go like a week but I just feel like I should probably wash it! Ha ha so by day 3 I start to use dry shampoo, I used to use baby powder but dry shampoo is faster and easy to keep a bottle in your purse. I don't use anything expensive or fancy but it works great! This is what I use:
Again.. I got this at Target for about$3, but I am sure you can get it at any drug store(Walmart, Smiths, etc.)
When I use this I apply it in layers so I make sure I get it throughout my hair, I don't use a ton! If you do, your hair will look white/grey! Also usually by day 4-5 my hair is pulled up or I wear a beanie! :) 

*I LOVE TREATMENTS!! They are amazing, really. I just do them from home too! I can get enough tips from my wonderful mom about treatments instead of paying to get them done. So the first one I do, is more for if I am in a hurry but I feel like may hair could use a little treatment! 

This stuff works great! One thing I have done with this and really felt a difference was put it in my hair, put my hair in a bun and slept with it in! Then I washed it out the next morning. Make sure you put a towel on your pillow though :)

Next is my all time favorite treatment! It is almost relaxing for me to do this one. It is coconut oil, I am sure you have all seen multiple coconut oil treatments and this one is similar except one thing! I use coconut oil that is treated for your hair, not the kind you can eat. I got it in the hair section at Smiths, it looks like this...
 This is what I do.. I get my hair wet (I don't wash it) the I massage ABOUT 2 tablespoons into my roots, really good! Make sure you cover your head, then another tablespoon as I work my way down. Then on the ends another tablespoon. After my hair is covered I put it in a bun and put a bag on my head. Then blow dry for 20 minutes! :)
Then I wash it out! Here is the trick though, the first ingredient in the coconut oil is.. Petroleum aka Vaseline  So if I don't shampoo my hair really good at least 2 times when washing it out it looks like my hair is SO greasy! That is really important! After shampoo, I put a TINY bit of my conditioner on the ends! 
And that is it! :) If you have any questions please ask! 

*One other thing that I do with my hair to keep it healthy is.. I don't blow dry my hair (beside my bangs, for direction). I let it air dry, I have frizzy hair and I am fine. You don't have to blow dry your hair! Then I curl my hair and it will last me 4 days.. I touch it up a tiny bit but my hair holds curl really well. I never straighten all my hair, when it is "straight" it is still a little wavy! 

SO that is what I do! :) I hope you all are having a wonderful day!
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  1. Hi, I was so happy to see this post pop up. I am in love with this shampoo and actually discovered it about a year or so ago. My hair has never appeared healthier. I keep trying other brands, as I have heard you need to switch up your shampoos but I always seem to love this one the best. Thanks for posting your favs. I love reading about what others like to use and not use.

    Have a fab day!

    1. Don't you love it!! I swear by it now, I sometimes mix in Dove (moisture) Shampoo and that works ok too :) but I still love the Moroccan shampoo the best though!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Great tips! Hair care is so important. Thanks for sharing :)



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