Fashion & Lifestyle: Doterra by Lisa & a GIVEAWAY!!! :)


Doterra by Lisa & a GIVEAWAY!!! :)

I am SO SO excited for this guest post today! :) Lisa and I met on New Years Eve almost 2 years ago, she is such a sweet and down to earth girl! Her husband and my husband are good friends and that is how we met!

Tell us a little about yourself!
My name is Lisa Warner. I am 24 and have been married to my amazing husband for 2 years. I work in a dental office full time and teach Doterra classes. My husband and I love to be active. He is super nerdy and I love to laugh. Were two peas in a pod if you ask me!

Tell us a little about what Doterra is!
Doterra is now the purest form of essentials out there. Essential oils come from plants that have been harvested in the right climates to get the best results. Everything has essential oils in them like your perfumes  lotions, medication, and even food. Doterra has taken those oils and broken them down to the purest form.

How did you get started with Doterra?
I got started with Doterra about 3 months ago. I have always had digestive problems, but about 2 years ago it started getting out of hand. My boss was big into essential oils and gave me some to help with the stomach cramps , bloating and pain. I like most people thought essentials were for crazy people and to be nice I would take them home but never used them. On September 3rd my husband and I were at a cabin with some friends. My stomach started going crazy , and I seriously felt like I was going to die. My husband drove me home (after having to pull over 3 times) and I had to take pain medication to make the cramping stop. I called my mom that night and told her at that moment in my life I could die and would be ok with it. This scared me. I had hit rock bottom. So the next morning I went to my boss explained what had happened and told him I would try any thing at this point. His wife sat down with me for 2 hours told me how to take them and what they were used for.I later learned that all the antibiotics the doctors were giving caused the bacteria in my stomach to over grow. I needed a natural way for my body to heal it's self. 3 months later I have never looked back, and when I teach my classes and people come in with that look like "essential oils are for crazy people" I laugh and give them a sample and soon enough I'll get a call from them asking for more!

What oil do you think is the most popular? And why?
Their are oils for everything. For me to just pick the one that is most popular would be so hard. Different season's mean different oils. Now it's flu season, time for the colds and coughs to come out. On Guard is the best for this. Studies have shown that the compounds in oils are twice as much then in medication. There was a study done where they released 16 different bacterias and viruses in the air. Then they released 4 different essential oils . After 12 minutes all the bacteria and viruses were killed, On guard was one of those 4. My husband and I use On guard in our diffuser every night and have yet to get sick! Another popular one is Deep blue. Deep blue is used for joint pain's and inflammation. I ran a marathon and really messed up my knee's. I was getting shoots in my knee's which in return gives you side effects. Every night I rub deep blue on my knees and I know longer have to get shoots and I rarely wear my brace. My mom was a none believer as while , I gave her deep blue for her knees and she told me" Lisa I didn't want to tell you but my knees feel better!" Those are only 2 of the hundreds of oils.I will name a couple more of the popular ones
Digestzen-For anything to with the digestive system
Melaleuca- Any thing to do with skin and fungus
Lavendar-Helps to calm. Awesome for kids
Serenity, Balance, and Elevation-Helps with moods and depression. I have never worked with someone that have not stopped using depression medication after starting the oils.

If you have any questions you can contact Lisa at or you can check on the website at :)

Thank you so much Lisa!! I love being educated more on these oils. I was one of those people who thought these oils were for crazy hippies! Ha ha it isn't though! When I went on my honeymoon my friend let me use some of her oils, I used peppermint oil for motion sickness/nausea and it totally worked!! Then my aunt gave me a few more to try and I LOVE THEM! My husband uses them when he is getting sick and it really works. :) If you are having health problems and you are at the end of your ropes you should for sure try it out! It won't hurt to try and who knows maybe it could really help you!

GIVEAWAY TIME!!!! I love giveaways, who doesn't like winning free stuff? Lisa is giving away a bottle of On Guard, which will be perfect for this time of year with all the flus and colds going around! It is easy to win it all you have to do is is complete these steps:

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Extra Step:
4. If you have heard of Doterra, let me know of what your favorite oil is and why? 

Leave a comment letting me know of the steps you have completed. This giveaway will be ending on: December 15. :)



  1. I LOVE Doterra! Tyson's mom is way into it. I am now a follower of your blog, and pinterest, I was already an instagram follower =)

  2. Oh and my favorite oils of Doterra would be On guard. Tyson and I diffuse that every night also, and if I'm ever starting to get sick I just take a lick of it and it helps speed up the process to get sick free again! I also love peppermint due to so many uses it has.

  3. Follower of your cute cute blog!

  4. And I just shared it on Facebook as well:) Im not sure if I was supposed to say I followed your instagram, blog, and pinterest all on separate comments to boost my chances but hopefully each will count if it does=) Love this giveaway!

  5. i am a follower on instagram and pinterest :)

  6. here is my email address

  7. i have shared your giveaway on facebook :)

  8. i have only heard of Doterra but i have never used them.

  9. I'm a follower of you on pinterest! And have zero clue how to do instagram (do I have to have a cell phone that allows apps? I don't.).

    cjsime007 at gmail dot com

  10. My sister really likes doterra and gave me some lavender. I've done a little searching on the onguard because my daughter seems to bring home every illness, so I am interested in trying it.

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  11. Hi!

    I haven't heard of Doterra but I am very interested in ways to stay healthy the natural way so this is truly up my ally. I am not on facebook ( I know, I am probably the only one) however I did post about the giveaway on Instagram and twitter. I have been a follower to both your Instagram and your blog for some time and truly reading posts.

    I would love to hear more on Doterra so here is my email address:

    Thanks so much!


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