Fashion & Lifestyle: 10 Stocking Stuffers for Women!! :)


10 Stocking Stuffers for Women!! :)

Happy Friday!! :) This week has seriously been dragging.. I am so glad it is finally the weekend! I hope my 10 Stocking Stuffers for Men helped all of you struggling to find Christmas Gifts. I know that I stress out about what to get people for Christmas and sometimes it is nice to have a little help.. So here is a post for all the guys out there, and ladies you might need some help too for stocking sized gifts! :)

This make up kit is from Sephora and I think you get a lot of stuff for your money! The brand is called "Too Faced" and I have used it and it works great! Also it is only $25 and look at all the fun stuff you get!
Girls like make up.. so even a gift card to Sephora would be a lovely gift as well!

Nail Polish! :) This kit is only $14.75 on Amazon which is a STEAL!! For one normal sized polish is about $8 or $9! Don't be scared to order stuff online, usually you find better deals! I am seriously an expert at shopping online so if you need any help feel free to ask! However if you order online I recommend ordering stuff now!

Statement Jewelry! :) I love nothing more than wearing something a little more simple then putting on a statement necklace to add some personality to my outfit! Also I love the jewelry from Niania Collections. Check it out! :) There is a lot on there that would be perfect for Christmas. Shipping takes 1-2 weeks to ship to anywhere in the U.S so order soon! 

Sunglasses!! I have been eyeing these babies for a few weeks. They are so fun! I think they have so much detail to them it makes them not like anything I have ever seen which is what I like. :) However, if you are shopping for someone that is a little bit more simple I would secretly check out glasses they already have and see what there style might be! These also come in more of a square shape as well.

A watch. I used to never where watches, until last year! My sweet husband surprised me with the white ceramic Michael Kors watch and I LOVE IT!!! It is my favorite piece of jewelry by a long way.. well besides my wedding ring! Ha ha I think everyone needs to have at least one nice watch, they are just classy! 

Who would think of this? Well... These are all basically things that I want and think would be so cute, so i guess I assume everyone wants them too! Ha ha but seriously everyone needs a cute umbrella! :) I found this online through  and I think it is so cute! 

A scarf! :) I am love scarves. They are so fun! I feel like you can never have to many scarves.. but I am also obsessed with them! Do they have classes for Shopaholics Anonymous? I might need to sign up! Just kidding... This cute scarf can be found and the one and only Target

An Ipod! I love music, I seriously just turn on music and zone out! How many of you are like that? I found this on Check it out! :)

Perfume! :) This is like the go to gift for Christmas, wouldn't you agree? I think it is a great gift! I found this perfume on I personally think it smells great!

Last but not least a gift card! I love gift cards to anywhere.. food, clothing stores, shoe stores, home good stores, etc. When I worked about Buckle and people would put a few hundred bucks on a gift card I would die! SO JEALOUS!! I think that would be a great gift, so when in doubt.. get a gift card!! :)

Thanks for reading! I hope this helped :) Also the giveaway ends tonight at midnight!! ENTER INTO IT! :)

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