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Sick Kicks ;) & Lazy Weekend

What a great weekend it has been anyone that hears what we did will be surprised that it was such a good weekend! Here is an idea of what we did.. My husband said to me "i feel like we have been on this couch for 72 hours.." ha ha ha that might be some what true! On Friday night we layed on the couch watching funny Youtube videos and Snow White while we ate shrimp and cuddled. Saturday Rob was able to get the day off because his little brother plays college basketball and they had a tournament so we were able to go watch. :) We got home around 4 and landed back on the couch where we watched football then Dumb and Dumber while we ate pizza rolls and crab salad and crackers! Quite the combo right? Yesterday we went to church came come, took a nap, watched football and Dodgeball. Yes we cuddled the whole time. :) So it was extremely relaxing and i loved every second with my best friend! 

My outfit kind of describes my weekend! CASUAL. I love when i get to throw on a baggy tee, Nikes, and some jeans. I rarley get to do that because of my job so i take advantage of the chances I can! 

Oversized Tee: Gap
Jeans: Buckle (Miss Me)
Shoes: Buckle (Nike 6.0)
Watch: Goldsmith Co. Jewelers (ask for Rob)
Custom Work on Ring: Goldsmith Co. Jewelers (ask for Rob)
Hoodie: Pac Sun
Earrings: Buckle

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone had a good weekend! :)

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