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New Blogger :)

Well I finally decided to make a blog! :) The thing that mostly inspired me to make a blog is my husband and i were watching The Vow last weekend and i thought shoot i don't keep a journal. How would i remember that i was married and SOOO in love?! Ha ha well i am married as of April 27, 2012. Rob and I finally tied the knot in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple, it was by far the happiest day of my life! In November of 2010 I was hired at Buckle at the University Mall where i met Rob. After my second day of work we just hit it off. He gave me his phone number  and without wasting a second i sent him a short text. That night we met up at In and Out before i had to work a graveyard and the next day (Thanksgiving) we went on our first date. :) I thought he was so cute and sweet. We kissed... on our first date. After dating for about a month Rob broke up with me. I was so upset, but after a couple months of waiting we got back together about the first of March 2011. When we got back together I knew something was different with him, he was a lot more serious about things. He quickly became my best friend. After a long summer of waiting while Rob was selling pest control in Virginia Beach, we got engaged. June 29th was the exact date. It was my second time flying out there to visit and he completely took me by surprise. Rob picked out my BEAUTIFUL ring and surprised me with a Brighton purse (ring inside) on the beach in Virginia. I couldn't believe it. We had a long engagement but it was perfect, we became so much closer and learned a lot about each other. I believe the struggles of being engaged for so long made our relationship grow so much stronger. On Saturday April 21st I went through the Mt. Timonogos temple. What an amazing day. This is Rob's favorite temple and where he first went through the temple. I can't explain how good it feels to look over and see my best friend in the temple. It was such a spiritual weekend. That next day I got my Patriarchal Blessing. So my weekend was so perfect. That brings me to my WEDDING!! :) It was finally here.. The day i had been waiting for, for a year! On April 25th was my bachlorette party, it was at Olive Garden in Murray. It was so much fun!! I loved being there with my friends, and of course receiving goodies for my wedding ;) that night i went up to Logan. We spent the day before my wedding decorating the reception  center, and i of course was pampered a little with a manicure and an AMAZING pedicure from my cousin Malorie. Then we were off to SLC where my parents rented 3 hotel rooms down the street from the temple. One of the rooms was for my parents and my brother the other 2 were for me and my 8 bridesmaids :) it was such a fun night, we made mocktails and played "what if.." it got pretty funny! I got to be at about midnight and had to be up by 6. The next morning MY WEDDING was very easy to get up. I got ready and headed to to the temple. I was meeting my photographer and Rob at the temple at 8:30am so we could get pictures of him seeing me in my dress for the first time, i had to keep it traditional and not let him see me until the day of. My dad drove my mom and I to the temple and dropped us off, my mom went and told them I was coming. Up until this point it didn't even feel like my wedding day. I was told it was safe for me to come and when i walked around the corner and saw Rob (with his back to me of course) I can't describe the feeling. I got butterflies SO bad. I wanted to cry. I couldn't believe it. This was the day i had been dreaming of since i was a little kid and it was finally here!! Rob was so cute when he saw me.. :) he LOVED my dress and make me feel like a princess. We took a few pictures and headed in the temple. The sealing was UNREAL. My eyes filled up with tears and we held hands across the alter. I couldn't think of a better place to be married! I was there with my Best Friend and we were being sealed for time and all eternity. That is the best feeling in the world. Also the sealing room was packed!! It was so crazy seeing all those family members as well as friends. We are both so blessed. Following the sealing we had a luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial building in the Bonneville Room. It was beautiful. Then the reception was in Logan at the Nibley City Building. It was perfect. My mom did such an AMAZING job. I am so excited to get pictures back so i can show off how good of a job she did. Plus our Videographer did such a good job at the temple, our video makes me want to cry every time i watch it. My wedding was more that perfect! I can't express that enough. We both loved every second of our special day! Following the reception we spent the night in Logan, the next day we opened all our gifts and man we were blessed. We got everything we needed and more, between my 3 showers and the reception we were spoiled. After that we headed to the airport where we left on our honeymoon. First we flew to California stayed the night and the next day we left on our 7 Mexican Riviera Cruise. I will blog again soon and tell all about our relaxing honeymoon and post pictures!! Wedding day pictures will be soon to come... :)

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  1. Mariah, I am so glad you posted the link to your blog. I love it and I love seeing what you are doing nowadays. I Hope married life is treating you good!


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